My first snow!

When in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta, a metropolitan capital city, the range of temperature throughout the year not so significantly different being able to touch snow listed on my bucket list. As I live in a tropical atmosphere when there is only has 2 main seasons, dry season and rainy season, a chance for spending winter is exciting.

Refer to my bucket list, I put my dream to spend white Christmas and touch the snow (or even snow rain) in a place called jungle of concrete: New York. Turns out many films that I watched and many books that I read drag myself to dream that high. Why I mentioned, “that high”? Because sometimes I don’t believe myself to be able to go to US which needs more than 15 hours flight while I work for the domestic market in a Japanese company. Seems my dream kinda hard to come true.

But hey, God has always another way to make my dream come true. Even said bucket list still not accomplished yet but I got another lucky chance to touch snow in spring. Wait, what?! Snow in spring season??

Here the story goes.

It was April 2017, I visited Yamanashi area for the second time. Since it was April and based on forecast cherry blossom started already hence I expected to see the iconic flower of Japan. Spring in Japan usually starts by the blossom Ume and continue to Sakura or Cherry Blossom. Cherry blossoms will bloom in different time depend on climate each year but the pattern is bloom slowly from Southern part to Northern part of Japan.

Yamanashi is located southern part of Tokyo, but since surrounded by the highest mountains in Japan, including Mount Fuji makes spring season late to come to this area. Even I found some Ume it was so cold when I arrived. The sky was totally grey and I felt the kinda dark atmosphere. As I mentioned earlier, God has always another way to make my dream come true. Snow rain came no longer after I arrived!

It was not pouring snow rain but I still get excited. Right after I reached the hostel, I walked as fast as I can be on time to get a bus to the main place. I believe that the scenery will be amazing. It took me less 30 minutes to the place. I was right. The view was breathtaking.

I posted some pictures to you guys. Hope those pictures could make you feel the same I did at that time 🙂





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