Belitung Island

I could not take my eyes on attractive t-shirt said.

Paradise is only about 45 minutes flying from Jakarta.

I keep wondering. “where is that paradise to be exact?”

Tiny islands consist of 2 islands, Bangka and Belitung or abbreviated with BaBel. BaBel province located in East side of Sumatra Island.  People gave many names for this island, local citizen usually called BELITONG taken by the name of animal. Others sometimes or most of the Indonesian called this island with BELITUNG but for foreign people known as BILITON.

Belitung more popular after novel “Laskar Pelangi” released and became one of mega best seller. The novel also adapted in many languages spread to inspire more people to chase the dreams no matter what. Yes, I was also inspired by the strong character of the story.

It was about 3 years after adopted to movie Laskar Pelangi, I finally visited Belitung Island with my office mates. I got the task to arrange an itinerary for 4 days 3 nights there but since total person who joined the trip about 11 persons plus the gap range of age was much then I decided to using tour agent. Something I never done before.

At that time, year 2011, there was not much tour/travel agent compared to these days. I remember that there was only 3 suitable hotels to accommodate kind of this employee gathering. We decided to choose Biliton hotel because of the location in city center. Easier for tour guide to pick us up and we could enjoy the city center by walking distance.

We landed at HAS Hanandjoeddin International Airport  in the morning time and our tour guide welcomed us with his smiling face. “WELCOME TO BELITONG”. It was only about 45 minutes from Soekarno Hatta.

After visiting the island, I just need 5 reason to agree that, YES, Belitung Island is the paradise as mentioned!

Tanjung Tinggi Beach

Not like other typical beach in Indonesia, Tanjung Tinggi will amaze you by its high stone. You could walk through the rocks that forms tunnel look-like. Beside that you could also swimming in slow waves and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Sun shine bright, blue sky, white sand and water gradation will completely mesmerize you. Indeed, no need to put filter into your picture since its great as it is.


Lengkuas Island

Take boat from Tanjung Kelayang Beach about 30 minutes and you will arrive to this island. Altough total area less than 1 hectare, you will never feel bored to enjoy the island. Lengkuas island blessed with turquoise blue water, huge granite boulders, and iconic lighthouse. People come here for diving or just like us doing snorkeling also could be fun, drinking coconut water by day dreaming about something and visiting lighthouse to see the view of above.




Don’t you dare to miss to visit this place. Take the information on here the lighthouse built by the Dutch in 1882 and still working. People who lives in Lengkuas Island works as operator to make sure sailing through and out of the Belitung Island going well. Besides of that, by walking every stairs of 50 height tower will pay you the price. You will lead to the point to see the 360 degree view of the island. Be ready to be whispering, WOW!


Movie Site

Local residence got many benefits as bringing popularity by the movie, many visitor visit Belitung. People want to visit the places that appear in the movie. The popular place to visit is Tanjung Tinggi beach, school and also local coffee shop. Tanjung Tinggi beaches stunning as I shared on earlier point but for the school here was the replica from the real one. They succeed to bring back the memory of the movie. Start from this school, all the children begin the dreams and chase to make it happen.


Abandoned Mining Holes

Bangka Belitung Province or BaBel province formerly known as tin mining. I found some information that claimed this island become the 2nd producer of tin all over the world. Since the mining is the most significant economic-driver then many people tries to take by both traditional and modern way. However, the mining tend to neglect the practices. From above the island, while airplane started to landed, you could see many holes appear from the ground. Later after government does better regulation then many mining holes abandoned. This holes filled with water but amazingly the water inside giving gradation color. We will never know unless the guide told us the story behind. It more looks like the lake than the abandoned mining holes.


So what are you waiting for? Paradise, indeed, only 45 minutes from Jakarta 😀


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