AIFROV : Platform Discovery Titip Belanja Melalui Travelers :)

Back to the time when I was a child, my mom brought me from Jakarta to Bali to visit my motherland. It was me, little tiny me, at below one-year-old (6 month-old to be precise) traveled for the very first time. It took us total around 924 KM by 24 hours trip to reach Bali. My mom said it was not difficult for her to handle me during the trip. I was just a bit cranky when hungry, diapers got too wet, or un-comfort came up but most of the time I just fall as sleep.

Mini me.

Since then I travel quite much. From accompanying my father as a geologist to visit his site sometimes continue to explore Bandung when I studied in college then hunting cheap airplane ticket for a short trip and until now travel often for a business trip. I love to see an interaction between people in their own place, try simple sentence in their language to see how they response my bad pronunciation with a smile, and enjoy getting lost sometimes and ended with try new food because of long queuing.

I am not Trinity decide to resign from her formal job and become full travel writer with her courage to travel around the world for 1 year or Dina with her husband (and now with their cute baby) living in nomadic as where is the wind blows as might they said in some television interview breakthrough or many more amazing people with their own traveling style. I admire them.

As romantic quoted all Roman story are beautiful but mine is my favorite in term of traveling there is a great word from Claudia Klaunang.

“Traveling lah selagi kita bisa dan mampu. Karena setelah tua nanti, kita nggak akan ingat pernah beli apa aja tapi kita akan selalu ingat pernah pergi ke mana aja.”

Travel is not only to impress other people by filling Instagram feed waiting for how many love or comment but for me traveling is to open my eyes that the world is indeed so wide, there are still many good and kind people outside and also makes me forget about my problems and sorrow sometimes.

For me yes, of course, I get emotional fulfillment by traveling but evidently, my close friend also gets benefit as well. Yes, they have a chance to get something from my trip. Because they will ask me to buy something from places that I visited. Well, I am not sure this is a part of our Indonesian tradition to ask “oleh-oleh” or souvenirs but in fact, sometimes they not giving me money in advance then the most problem is the request quite complicated makes me suddenly receive huge responsibility by that simple and magic words “nitip dong”.

Therefore, I often receive a request from them for any kind of matters because I have to concentrate to enjoy my short time holiday instead.


Some of the stuffs

But then, out of nowhere, my close friend told me that his college just returns from Japan and got additional money by buying other people stuff. I was surprised back then since never thought that the money could be as that much. Start from that time, I intended to ask much information that I needed.

After discussing, tough discussing I guess, my friend help me to start the action. Since he (I just knew this time) already has a side business for this kind of things then he promotes my trip and posts it through his account on Instagram. Also, I did internet surfing to find the way to get more requester then I found 2 ways. First through and through AIRFROV. I tried those way just to check 2 main question of mine:

Do all the items to buy pass the custom? Does it give me a profit?

It was me visited Japan to have training for about total 10 days in peak SAKURA season. Of course, since I came to Japan for working then my first priority was to work than the other “side project” put as a later priority. When the leisure time came, I was surprised (mostly shock) that I got about 40 items to buy! Never thought that Japan’s product was so high in demand for people out there :O

Since I came alone to Japan so that I also shop by myself as well. The good thing was now I quite familiar for shopping in Japan since this was not my first time so even I only had limited time to shop (for 40 items!) I thought I could make it. Along the way, I was shopping to buy the items request came more and more but then I could not accept all the additional request since I have limited space in my luggage. Oh MY!

Can I make to buy all the requested? YES. Even It took me about ONE DAY FULL to search the items. ALONE.



Street that you could find ANYTHING!
Hand up for the one who loves S’buck tumbler!

So back to the main question before here the answer:

Yes. I do hope it will pass every time and Yes. It gave me lots of profit

Since it was my first time for this then I was not calculated exactly how much I get. If I am not mistaken, it was totally about 3.5 mil IDR!      

Among my friends IG,, and AIRFROV, I would say that I got a high margin from the last one. Later I will inform you why.

I got the opportunity to visited AIRFROV office at Ariobimo Central Building for breakfasting event. It supposed as an event for getting closer with AIRFROV team, traveler, and requester but since at that time the traffic was SO insane then many people canceled to join. It was ended up with only 6 people (including me) as a traveler and also full AIRFROV team. Indeed, it was FUN!

During our chit-chat

So what is AIRFROV?

AIRFROV is a platform to get travelers to bring back overseas products. As a requester, you can get your requested product from another country from a traveler who travels to those countries. The affordable price you can get because you need only give the tips to a traveler. As a traveler, you could get extra money from helping buy the items as requested. No need to worry because AIFROV has secure payment so both parties (requester and traveler) get a mutual benefit for sure.

How AIRFROV works?

Still could not get how great AIRFROV works? Click here

When I was walking through inside the room, I was welcomed by one of AIFROV team. She introduced me to others team and another traveler that had arrived before me. She is Chinese-Indonesia who lives in Jakarta but has to Singapore once in a month to take care his father. She joined AIRFROV as traveler since about 1 year ago and this question suddenly came up in my mind, “Do you earn big margin from this business?”. She answered me with a laugh so that I knew that she earned good margin from this. LOL.

Just like others start-up business that begins with daily life, AIRFROV started from the story of Cai Li who has long distance girlfriend. He often gets a request from her to buy some stuff from overseas whenever they have a chance to meet. It was about food, medicine, cosmetic and fashion stuff as well. The request repeats as much as they could meet then he questioned himself. “Is there others me outside? the man who has requested by a girlfriend to buy a lot of stuff from origin to another place?

So that was the story of AIRFROV that now established about 2 years ago in Singapore then continue to expand to Indonesia for about 1 year after that. The man behind AIFROV is 2 young-brilliant-man, Cai LI (Singaporean) and Robi Ng (Indonesian) as a co-founder.

The event continues to share our experience as a traveler. From getting a complicated item to buy, getting only small margin by buying 10 cans of milk tea, then continue to nag requester who has always change the items to a silent requester who never contacts even after the items finally bought and delivered. LOL. I also asked them to share my experience and recorded! So stayed tune to AIRFROV channel 😉

WhatsApp Image 2017-06-13 at 1.06.59 PM
Uncontrolled face -.-

Chit-chat continue to sharing trick and tips. From how to get a higher margin, how to declare our items to Indonesia custom, until some advice to AIRFROV to be better.

AIFROV : platform discovery titip belanja melalui travelers.

With Airfrov team!

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