Gudetama Cafe

Do you know the character from Japan that associate with egg? Named as GUDETAMA, this yellow creature probably based on the word “Gude gude” to describe someone with no energy or lazy and “Tama” from an egg (Tamago) in Japanese. Gudetama shows as laziness of egg so it is cute yet annoying. In fact, there are so many fans of this lazy egg that sleeps all day long. LOL

First time I saw this character on some toys store in Japan from things such as a doll, sandal, socks, phone casing until many types of stationary filled with yellowish color and annoyed face of him. I could not stand not to buy some of them. Haha

Can’t stand to have this socks!

In Japan, as we probably know, many cafes decorate the store as well the food with a specific character such as Gundam cafe in Akihabara, Pompompurin cafe in Yokohama, and also Snoopy cafe in Meguro. On late 2016, finally, FINALLY, we could enjoy Gudetama cafe in here! Not in Jakarta thou but at least just about 1.5 hours by plane.Yes, Gudetama cafe in Singapore! Yeay..

Not sure why it was took so long to open the cafe in SEA but finally they decided to open cafe in Singapore. Located in Suntec City Mall #01-361 (west wing), 3 Temasek Boulevard you could took a taxi directly or using MRT with 3 nearest stations; Esplanade or Promenade via the Circle Line, and City Hall via the East West Line. Me and my friends visited cafe for dinner one day before we visited Universal Studio for one day played. Puas main-main di Universal Studio SIngapore

Hungry face of us

That day, we just need to queue for too long but the waiters gave us the menu so we could order so that we were not waiting too long for food later. Never stop whispering “so cuteee” just right after entering the cafe. There was 2 main area for enjoying the food, dining area, and an indoor garden. Interior was filled with many gudetama things and just like playground painted mostly yellowish color, we felt happy (or might be because of hungry) right away!

Look at that face! soo lazy. Nua!
Sailing decorate with waffle

Range prices from $18.00 to $38.00 for the main course and for side dishes start from $12.50. Well, quite expensive but basically in SG all seem expensive isn’t it? LOL

Looked at food that we ordered! Too cute to be eaten T.T


We can say that:

The taste was 7 out of 10

Ambiance was 8 out of 10

Price was 6 out of 10

Still, worth to visit! 😀


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