Kawaguchiko music forest

This was the second time for me to visited Kawaguchiko.

Last time I took a train directly from Narita airport then continue by bus. This time I took a bus from Haneda airport heading to Shinjuku Express Bus Station and continue using Chuo Highway Bus. Now also I did the journey alone not with my Thailand friend. I was not afraid at all, you know Japan listed as safe place to go 🙂

You must have ever heard that everything in Japan is punctual. So if you get the ticket shown will leave at 10:15 AM that it will depart EXACTLY 10:15 AM so I need to little run from bus counter to gate since I purchase the ticket just 3 minutes before the bus leaving, haha.


It takes less than 2 hours from central town to Minamitsuru-go, where Kawaguchiko located. I was sleeping on the bus and got shocked for what I saw through the window. It was totally white plus snow showering all the way. I know that cherry blossom must be late to bloom in this area BUT I do not expect to get snow either.

I found Ume instead of Sakura

I whisper to myself, “So damn lucky to have both Sakura and snow on this trip, woohoo”.

At Kawaguchiko, I spent only 2D1N and it was not enough to explore the area. I stayed in a hostel called K’s house backpacker and took female dormitory with 4 bed inside the room.



Option for the room is dormitory with 4 beds, 6 beds and 9 beds and also private room by Japanese style. Range price is from 2,500 Yen – 4,400 Yen depend on the room type and the date you choose. Peak season will allow you to get the higher price of course. They accept all credit cards and for getting a discount I prefer to book from Agoda.

There is 2 K’s house in Kawaguchiko so make sure you’re in right hostel. In my K’s house was located less than 1KM from Kawaguchiko station. I reach the place by walking about 10-15 minutes or you can choose to take the bus and stop at OGI shelter and continue less than 5 minutes walking.

Japanese garden typical
“Snow hill” around K’s house hostel

Seeking in the review, this hostel quite famous among the backpacker. Not only in Kawaguchiko, K’s house has many branches all over Japan such as Kyoto, Hiroshima, Ito Onsen, Hakuba Alps, Takayama and of course Tokyo.

Being solo traveler will give you chance to meet someone new. I never feel too shy to start the conversation with someone new. Making new friend will allow you to know the new story of them. In my bedroom, there was middle age woman from Ireland who seems kind of hard traveler and another 2 Philippines-girls around my age.

Hi, there Fuji-san!
Unfull bloom ume

It was nice to know them and hope could meet them in PH since this country listed in my note to be visited in this year. They said the best time to visit PH is around December due to weather is cool and all the city decorated with a lamp to celebrate Christmas and New Year, ahh would love to go!

With Christine and May

The reason why I visited Kawaguchiko this time was I want to try roller coaster at Fuji-Q Highland amusement park but since the area covered by snow and still showering when I was there then the places changed. Traveling is not about enjoy to visit target places but also still enjoy the journey even the place is changed. So here was the other place that I visited. Named as Kawaguchiko Music Forest.

You can reach the place by using Kawaguchiko Sightseeing Bus in red-line and stop at station number 17th just right in front of the gate. Pay for 1,500 Yen for an adult you will never think this price was too expensive for the experience you will get later.


This place was basically a museum that has entertainment spot to see. Right beside the entrance gate, you will see rose garden, there were about 720 types of roses here.  By entering the gate you will feel that you are in Italy! There is history hall which has the only one opera concert by collaboration with fully automatic music instrument. Carillon square just like wind-up doll tells the time and fountain show every 1 hour only about 5 minutes shows. Organ Hall that claimed to be the world’s largest dance organ performance. You should check the time for an event since there is much show both in history hall and organ hall from regular show, Titanic show, and dance organ with sand art.

If you kind of interest in making sometimes by your own, available also in this area latte art workshop and origami workshop. Dare yourself to make your original postcard with eraser stamps workshop. Oh, have you ever heard about music box? The box that could play some instrument if we open the case or by twist some pin? Or box that sometimes appear in horror movie with crappy sound? Haha, well you can find it here! There are plenty types and sounds that might interest you. The best part is you could also make by yourself by customizing it!

Taken from Pinterest

In this springtime, you could experience yourself as a princess by rental the gown. The rental fee was not that expensive, only 1,000 Yen for adult and about 500 Yen for kids. By wearing princess’ gown and take a photo in front of the Carillion Square, ahh people think that you are in Europe! Me not tried the experience not because of it not interested BUT at that time snow showering. I might get cold by using that dress thou.



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